Can Hernia Mesh Be Seen On CT Scan?

Some types of hernia mesh are easily visible on computed tomography (CT) scans. Others, however, are difficult or impossible to spot. Whether they are visible or not depends on the type of materials used, how tightly the weave of the mesh, and many other factors. In general, certain brands and types are either always visible, inaccurately visible, indirectly identifiable, poorly visible, or invisible.

Although doctors may struggle to get a good look at the mesh once placed, there are other tell-tale signs of complications such as retraction, migration, or rupture. This allows them to diagnose complications without seeing the patch itself.

Some hernia mesh is visible on CT scans, but how easy it is to see and the amount of detail varies widely depending on the mesh product.

Doctors Often Use CT Scans to Diagnose Hernia Mesh Complications

Even though hernia meshes can have a wide range of visibility on CT scans, from always visible to identifiable to invisible, doctors still consider CT scans to be the best imaging option for diagnosing complications with a hernia mesh implant.

Most hernia repairs today utilize synthetic mesh patches implanted over the area where the hernia developed, effectively closing the hole and repairing the hernia. However, complications are common with this type of mesh implant. Doctors may use CT scans in conjunction with physical exams, a history of symptoms, and other techniques to diagnose whether the symptoms of hernia mesh failure are present, including:

  • Abscess or infection
  • Pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Flu-like symptoms including fever and tenderness
  • Swelling near the hernia mesh surgical site
  • Redness
  • Mesh migration
  • Mesh retraction
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Bowel perforation
  • Damage to other nearby organs
  • Recurrent hernia

Each of these conditions has its own signs and symptoms, as well as appearing differently on medical imaging. This allows the doctor to hopefully identify what is happening and understand why the patient is experiencing pain, swelling, and other symptoms.

Developing a Treatment Plan When You Cannot See the Problem

It is difficult for doctors to understand exactly what caused the complication with the mesh. The mesh may not be where doctors expect it to be, and if it is not clearly visible and identifiable on a CT scan, it can be extremely hard to find. This makes it difficult to tell a migration from a retraction or a rupture.

Revision surgery may be necessary not only to repair the hernia again but to determine where the mesh implant is and what risks it poses. Even when implants are mostly visible, it can be difficult to know how to best approach the problem until the surgeon sees it with their own eyes.

Hernia mesh can be very challenging to safely remove once implanted. Many doctors will try anyway, and the mesh manufacturers will argue that you can remove it. In our experience after reviewing many cases, safe and complete removal can be very challenging but is often necessary to alleviate symptoms.

Let Tosi Law LLP Evaluate Your Hernia Mesh Complications and Take Legal Action

If you suffered complications from a hernia mesh implant, live with chronic pain because of a hernia repair, or underwent revision surgery or attempted removal of a mesh patch, the attorneys from Tosi Law LLP want to talk to you. We can review the facts of your case and explain your options for taking legal action. Let us help you pursue a case against the manufacturer of your hernia mesh implant.

We can review your medical records to identify the maker of your mesh patch and build a strong case against them. We may be able to join a mass tort already in progress, gather similar cases to form a mass tort, pursue a personal injury case, or attempt to negotiate an out-of-court settlement.

We will pursue a wide range of damages on your behalf, including:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Future care costs
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Out-of-pocket costs related to your complications
  • Pain and suffering

In some cases, it may also be possible to get attorney's fees and punitive damages. We can discuss the value of your case after we have a better understanding of your expenses and losses related to your hernia mesh complications as well as how the courts have addressed similar claims.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Hernia Mesh Case Today

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A member of the Tosi Law LLP team is standing by to take your call today. We want to discuss your hernia mesh complications, your financial losses related to your health, and how your mesh complications affected your life. We will build a strong case to pursue the payout you deserve.

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