Georgia Auto Accidents

Research shows that 70% of the fatalities in crashes are caused by unsafe driving, including distractions, impairment, or driving too fast for the road conditions. In fact, the most frequent causes of accidents in the U.S. are distracted driving (the leading cause of car accidents), driving while impaired, speeding, reckless driving, driving in poor weather conditions, nighttime driving, and running red lights.

Auto Accident Statistics

There were more than 1,500 people (1,514) who died on Georgia roadways in 2018. That's an average of four deaths every day. The main cause of these accidents was unsafe driving behavior that could have been prevented.

The number of traffic deaths in the state decreased for a second straight year, according to research compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in its 2018 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes Report. The NHTSA found that the 1,500+ traffic deaths in Georgia in 2018 represented a 2.3% decrease from the 1,540 traffic deaths in 2017. Part of this drop can be attributed to the effectiveness of Georgia's Hands-free law.

Although the total number of Georgia traffic deaths has decreased for two straight years, the number of pedestrian deaths in the state has increase for three straight years. There were 261 pedestrian fatalities in 2018, which is eight more than in 2017. Pedestrian deaths in Georgia have increased by 60% over the last five years.

An automobile driver is required to use care to avoid injuring other motorists, passengers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. When we thoroughly investigate your case, we will show when another individual is at fault and is liable for injuring you in the accident.

Since many of these injuries and deaths could have been avoided, another party was legally responsible. If you've been injured or a family member perished in a Georgia auto accident, you should contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Tosi Law.

How the Tosi Law Will Help You Win Your Personal Injury Claim

If you've been injured and are thinking of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit over a car accident, you should contact the personal injury attorneys at Tosi Law. They will help you determine the appropriate amount of damages for your injuries.

A personal injury case can go to trial, and our experienced attorneys will work to secure adequate compensation from the person or company that is found to be legally responsible for the accident. In many cases, this is an individual or a company, along with their insurance carrier.

In addition, rather than a lengthy trial process, the personal injury attorneys at Tosi Law will negotiate a fair settlement with the defendant and their insurance company.


Determining who is at fault for an auto accident typically is determined by the actions (or inactions) of the parties. In a successful car accident negligence action, we will work with the injured party to satisfy each of the following elements:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care; in other words, the defendant was legally obligated to treat the plaintiff with care;
  • The defendant breached its duty or failed to act with reasonable care toward the plaintiff.
  • The defendant's action (or inaction) caused the plaintiff's injuries; and
  • The plaintiff suffered injury.

What is “Comparative Fault”?

The concept of comparative fault is involved in a car accident scenario in which more than one party is at least somewhat at fault for the accident. In Georgia, if you bring a personal injury lawsuit, you can recover against any other party who was more at-fault than you were. However, your damages or compensation will be reduced by the percentage that corresponds to your share of liability.

As such, if the jury in your personal injury lawsuit finds that you are 10% at fault, and the other driver is 90% at fault, if the award is $1,000,000, you will only receive $900,000. That's because $100,000 is subtracted because of your 10% fault.

The personal injury attorneys at Tosi Law will review every facet of your case to bring about the best possible outcome. Note that you won't be able to recover anything under Georgia's modified comparative negligence law if your share of fault for the accident is 50% or more.

Contact a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

Georgia law states that you must bring your personal injury action within two years of the accident. That's not a lot of time, so contact our office today.

The successful outcome of a personal injury claim will depend upon the specifics of your accident. In Georgia, you need an attorney that knows the law and knows how to win. Contact the Tosi Law.

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