Tosi Law LLP is passionate about giving back.

Tosi Law LLP commits itself to acts of service. Our firm was founded to help victims of serious personal injury, but we believe there are many ways that firms like ours and individuals like you can serve others.

A good place to start is right at home — in our communities.

When we volunteer our time and talents to our communities, we form a deep and lasting bond with the community, possibly for generations, and sometimes in ways we can never even imagine.

Giving back takes many forms and occurs on just about any scale. Serving your community can mean helping to improve the local park or restore the historic, downtown theatre. It could mean volunteering at local animal shelters, libraries, or tutoring programs. You could focus on the local environment by cleaning beaches, planting trees, or holding a recycling contest. Or you could make care packages for the homeless or visit nursing home residents. The list of ways to give back is never-ending.

You can help build and better your community by working with any of hundreds of organizations, or you could even launch your own community service project.

Tosi Law LLP Community Service Scholarship

As a firm that cares about giving back and one that wants to encourage others to roll up their sleeves and dig into their local communities, we are proud to announce the Tosi Law LLP Community Service Scholarship.

We hope you will participate. Tell us your story of community service. We would love to honor your work and spread the word of your efforts. It just might be contagious.

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