College-bound students interested in applying for the Tosi & Rose Community Service Scholarship must agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • You must satisfy all eligibility requirements listed on the Tosi & Rose Community Service Scholarship application page.
  • You must submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline specified on the application page.  Any application submitted following the posted deadline will be disqualified and not considered.
  • Tosi & Rose will not be held responsible for any type of technical malfunctions that cause an application to not be submitted by the deadline indicated.
Terms and Conditions for Tosi & Rose Community Service Scholarship.

A Scholarship Committee Will Determine the Scholarship WinnerA scholarship committee will read all applications from eligible applicants and will agree on a winner. The committee will consider applicants' essays, qualifications, and other merits deemed important by the committee to determine who the recipient should be.Tosi & Rose's scholarship committee might ask applicants to provide additional information or documents. The committee will not discriminate based on applicants' religion, national origin, race, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, or membership in any other protected category.The scholarship committee's decision is final. Privacy Applicants' information will not be used for any purpose besides being reviewed for consideration for the Tosi & Rose Community Service Scholarship. Similarly, Tosi & Rose will not share, sell, or distribute applicants' contact or personal information. Tosi & Rose reserves the right to publish the name of the scholarship recipient, as well as the winning student's essay, in press releases and/or on social media accounts and websites.

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