Tosi & Rose is happy to work with law firms across the country who may be looking for another firm to refer mass tort cases to, or who want to receive mass tort lawyer referrals from other firms.

Our firm also entertains requests for co-counsel agreements in mass tort cases.

We primarily handle cases related to defective drugs, medical devices, or products.

The Reason to Pursue Mass Tort Cases: Economies of Scale

Mass tort cases beckon firms of every size for many reasons — the most compelling of which is pure math. The economies of scale for a mass tort case are simply too hard to ignore. Consider the fact that taking legal action against a single defendant for the same act of negligence means you are preparing and filing the same claim repeatedly for a large number of clients.

Co-counsel agreements and referrals make sense in mass tort cases.  By distributing the work with co-counsel — or even referring the case to another firm — your firm is able to leverage the power of being part of a group of many firms and cases rather than trying to go it alone.

Understanding Referrals

One way to think of referrals is as vehicles for boosting your law firm's cases without adding to the firm's workload. By referring a client to another law firm, you also better serve your client by pointing them to a firm with the experience and resources to handle their claims. Nowhere is the referral more effective than with mass tort claims.

Sending Referrals

If you have the marketing genius and resources to attract mass tort clients and refer them to another firm, a split-fee agreement enables you to make a percentage of what is sure to be substantial settlements and verdict amounts.

Accepting Referrals

On the flip side, perhaps you do not have the marketing arm required to bring mass tort cases in, but you have the in-house experience to represent such cases. By opening your firm to accepting mass tort referral cases, you add more return to the investment you put into a single case every time you open the door to a new client.

How Tosi & Rose Handles Referrals

Tosi & Rose can work with you on either side of the referral equation. We are fluent at finding mass tort opportunities that we can then pass on to other firms for representation. We also have the knowledge and experience to handle mass tort claims that other firms refer to us.

Our firm provides generous referral fees and fee sharing to firms who send us cases for representation. We know it is important to compensate you for the time and effort you have put into obtaining this client. Furthermore, we happily discuss your agreement ideas for cases that come across our desks and refer to your firm.

Call Tosi & Rose today to learn more about our lawyer referrals program.

Understanding Co-Counsel Agreements

Entering a co-counsel agreement with Tosi & Rose empowers your clients with the ultimate legal representation. Combining your firm's knowledge and experience with our own, we can fill any gaps to deliver a fully finished and polished case. Our firms benefit, too, from the increased efficiencies we gain by sharing resources. This benefit, in particular, makes co-counsel agreements especially desirable in mass tort cases.

How Co-Counsel Agreements Work

Co-counsel agreements are based on joint representation. In such an agreement, both of the firms involved execute portions of the work, including trial, litigation, settlement distribution, administration, financing of case expenses, and data management. The arrangement can begin and end with a single case, or it can live indefinitely across multiple cases.

Working With Tosi & Rose as Co-Counsel

Tosi & Rose attorneys have many years of experience handling mass tort cases involving defective drugs, medical devices, or products. We can join forces with you, fortifying your case with our litigation strategies, trial expertise, and extensive resources.

Tosi & Rose Wants to Work with Your Firm on Referrals and Co-Counsel Agreements

When you pair your firm with Tosi & Rose, you partner with success. In any arrangement we pursue, the client will come out ahead as the result of our collaboration. Both our firms gain economically, too, whether our arrangement is short-lived or ongoing.

We are eager to talk to you about how your firm can benefit from sharing referrals and engaging in co-counsel agreements with Tosi & Rose. Call us today at 888-311-8292.

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